Saturday, August 18, 2012

What is this all about?

I guess some information would be a good idea here!!

Who the heck is "OldMedic"?? well.. OldMedic is me, it's what i call myself it the digital world, it's kind of fitting I'm Old, and a Medic. Pretty simple really.

What the heck are you doing Carl? ... Who knows? really.

The plan is to ride my motorcycle from Grande Prairie, Alberta where I live, to El Paso, Texas to be at the start of the Three Flags Classic motorcycle rally. This rally will leave El Paso on August 31, 2012 and arrive no later than September 3, 2012 by 9 pm in Nelson,BC.

Why are you doing this Carl?.....hmmmm, I participated in this event when I was 17 years old, in 1982. It has always been one of the "cool" things I have done in my life. So with my resurgance back into motorcycling a few years ago, it seemed that on the 30th annivesary of my trip in 1982 I should do it again. I will add more thoughts on this as we go along....

Is the lovely Marilyn going with you?.... Nope... I am kinda mixed about this, on one hand i would love for her to be able to experience this, but one the other... it's alot of riding, the rally alone is 3200 km in 3 days (1100km/day) not to mention the ride down and the last part of the ride home. I am sure she could soldier on and do it, but she likely would not enjoy it, heck, I may not enjoy it...we'll see....

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