Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's official, I have my TFC Passport

Not to be confused with the real, travel to another country type of passport.

The Three Flags Classic passport is the document that gets stamped at each checkpoint verifying that you did indeed make it to the checkpoint in the alotted time.

I am going to be a bit nostalgic for a bit, please forgive me....

As I have indicated before, the fact that I participated and completed the TFC in 1982 was for me a great accomplishment. I have kept the TFC passport with me through every move as part of my memories/keepsake box. I brought it with me...

So today when we had to register and get our new 2012 passport I wanted to share this with you...


Old and New

Old and New #2

Really frickin old!!!

Still looks old!!
Same smile though!!

I realize that we cannot relive the past, and that if we try to typically we are disappointed. We usually only remember the good things, and sometimes our memories get a little embellished. I am not trying to relive the past, but I am trying to create another memorable moment in my life. A lot of these moments shape who we are, I think that I have been afforded many great moments and I am thankful for that.

Today, on my way to register I stopped to pick up something at Best Buy and saw a Taco Bell across the parking lot, I know... your in one of the best areas for authentic Mexican food and you go to Taco Bell... but anyway.. I sat down and this older gentleman asks me how I am doing, we strike up a conversation, I learn about his life and how he was an illegal who was deported 14 times back to Mexico, despite being married and having children in the USA. He stated that despite all of his set backs he thought he had always done the right thing, one day while in Mexico, he gets a telegram to report to the US embassy, he is walked into a room and asked if he knew a gentleman so and so. He said that he did not... Apparently this gentleman had been a customer of Antonio (Tony) at a local restaraunt and had been devistated to hear that he had been deported. He pulled some political strings and got Tony on the path to get back to the United States legally.

I really liked the story, it kind of made me think about one of my beliefs.. Treat people how you would like to be treated, regardless of the situation or potential for gain. And I have to say that part of that relates back to the moments that we have in life that do shape who we are.

Honest everyone, more riding, less thoughtful banter coming soon...

I am a little nervous, the start time is 0300 tomorrow morning. It's good to start early we beat the heat (it's 39C outside) and the morning traffic. I'll be off to get some food, pack the bags and turn in early.

Thanks for listening, thanks for your support and thanks for sharing this memory with me....

Tomorrow.... Start of the 2012 Three Flags Classic!!!!!

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