Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 3: a day of indulgence

I realize that could be taken many ways, but today it meant that I was traveling to ride 1 road, a road that I had only seen a picture of,,, but it looked cool. And it was!!! But I am getting ahead of myself.

The day started with 2 alarm clocks going off, first Don's then mine. We took some luggage down to the bikes and then took in the complimentary continental breakfast. I love waffles!! could have eaten 2 or 3, but scaled it back to one. It was really good. I don't even want to discuss or reveal what Don put on his...*shakin my head*

We finished loading the bikes and grabbed some fuel, this would be where we would part ways, Don going back to Vernon and me continuing on my journey.

I think I picked the most obscure way of getting down to Lewiston, but I have to say, it was great. Riding through fields of wheat on a very narrow ribbon of pavement that rose and fell with the hills and valleys, small iconic farm houses that you would swear were used for the set of Little House on the Prairie. I think it will be one of the top memories of this ride. I felt very good, there was no traffic, none.. Vanessa seemed to be enjoying it, purring along. At one point I stopped and pulled off the road into a field, because there was no shoulder, and looked around. The road behind me rose up and curved around the hill, the road ahead follows the valley and then winds up the hillside to the right. I realize that I am sitting in this field of yellow all around me, except for this perfect road. And it's quiet....not a sound. I almost cried... just kidding. I was pretty moved though. This is what riding is about for me... sure there is the fun of racing through the corners, but the part where it is me, the bike, and a stretch of road.... I did not want it to end.

Sadly though it did, I ended up in Rosalina, Washington where it looks like so many small towns down here, most of the stores are closed up, there is a post office and not much else, sad really. I headed over to the main road that would take me to Lewiston.

I wound my way down to Lewiston, found a gas station, got some water and a couple of maps :). I was trying to figure out how to get to this Route 129 that Mike and Trina had recommended. Finally I thought let's just select Enterprise, Oregon. Low and behold Lola (the name of the GPS voice) pointed me in the right direction.

I made it out of the valley, again with many switchbacks and "epic" views, untill all of the sudden it seemed like I was in Saskatchewan, straight roads, and crops. Surely Mike and Trina would not lead me astray like this, for that small amount of twisty road.

Nope!!! what a ride, I have ridden many miles, in many different areas, but this has to be one of the top ten for me. Fresh pavement, freshly painted lines, stunning scenery and it just keeps going. I met about 20 cars/bikes and was only passed by one (I think he had ridden the road before..) which I got on video. I pulled over at the Chief Joesph lookout for a rest and to collect myself, the lovely young park ranger smiles at me and says, "you must have just ridden from the North, Most riders have that look when they take their helmets off!!" She was right.... wow.

I made it to Enterprise, Oregon found a burger shack and devoured a wonderful burger. I continued on, with the intent to get over to La Grande where I could get on the interstate to make some serious miles. Back roads are great for the soul, but sometimes you have to make miles.

Interstate 84 here we come... Vanessa seemed to like the opportunity to stretch her legs a bit, doing 75mph with the outside temperature 34C... glad I bought the mesh jacket.

Got to my destination of Ontario, Oregon at about 8:00pm. got a room, did some maintenance on Vanessa. and typed up the days events for you stalkers :0)

Roughly 850km today.. tomorrow is welcome to Idaho and Utah...

Tune in, same bat time, same bat channel....

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