Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And the kitchen sink!!

Good grief, Charlie Brown... you would think that this is the first trip I have ever taken. Marilyn and I went to Alaska/Yukon last year and I don't think I stressed this much about what to take.

I spent most of the evening trying to organize my stuff to go into 1 of three cases on my bike. Then deciding how much room was available and then the semi-final "do I really need that?"

Lets just say that it is causing me stress, stress that I am surprised at, stress that I really don't need and stress that is causing me more stress.... hmmm.

It boils down to the Boy Scout in me, and for those that know me, I try to always "Be Prepared" to the extend that I am usually prepared enough for everything and even those around me. I understand that this is a bit much but I am trying to help you understand "Carl".

So with this revelation, my final run at packing will occur later today and I am confident that I will have the items I need and want, except the kitchen sink.

So, whats the plan for the start of this insanity?

I leave tomorrow morning, Marilyn has to work at 0700 so I thought I would be up and send her off to work then plan to get underway shortly after that. I will figure out how to take a photo by myself and get it posted for all of you to see... I will be heading south and west, with the goal to get to Armstrong, BC to spend the evening with Kris and Don.

Plans after this point are pretty fluid, I will be crossing into the US and heading for a road that the Murias' had ridden earlier this year, it looks cool so... what the heck.. lets ride... I plan to make it to Enterprise, Or and camp that evening.

Don't forget, you can follow my progress by clicking on the SPOT link on the right.

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