Thursday, August 30, 2012

Phase #1 complete!!

I arrived in El Paso yesterday at about 4 pm local time.

I have to say that avoiding the interstates was a good thing, however it did not prepare me for the shear mayhem that I would encounter getting into El Paso. 5-6 lanes across, everyone doing 80 mph and then once you make it off the freeway, you still have 3 lanes to contend with on the "service roads"

Sorry about that... had to run and change the laundry..

Made it to the hotel with the assistance of Lola (GPS) how did we ever ride in strange cities without these.?

Got into the room (king bed/suite for $56/night) it's quiet, except for the Harley Davidson dealer beside, where they have to rev the crap out of the bikes it seems. The room is ground floor with parking right outside of the room... does it get any better.

relaxed for awhile, and more bikes started to arrive, more Three Flags Classic riders (TFC). It's funny, everyone has a story, and for the most part they like to tell it, I find I have to let people tell their stories, otherwise I end up dominating the conversation (my Alpha tendencies). But I also remember more about them, cause it's not all about me.....

Got some sub-standard food at Applebees, and came back to the hotel, fell asleep by 9 pm.... what a hard core motorcyclist .... sheesh...

Up at 0620, the 0 in the front indicates Oh my goodness, it's 6 in the morning...

watched a video on the iPad, got up and went for breakfast (included for $56, incredible) sat with some fellow Canadians, had a great conversation.

Need to do some maintenance on Vanessa, she more than deserves it, we made it here, with only minor issues. But we still have a long way to go - and a short time to get there....


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