Monday, August 20, 2012

Ok, who is this harlot named Vanessa?

Well, I have had a few questions about this "Vanessa".

Ok here is the deal, Vanessa is a 2003 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 that I purchased in February of 2011, she had about 40,000 km on the odometer and seemed in good shape...


This type of bike is called an "Adventure Touring" bike. These are the types of bikes that people tour the world on, they are comfortable to ride, they can be ridden off highway and with this particular model are relatively inexpensive.

There is luggage to be added. Where I will store my clothes, food, tent, etc..... I will post pictures of that.

Marilyn and I each have one of these bikes, we used them to travel to Alaska/Yukon last year.

I have done a number of modifications and enhancements to Vanessa, not those kind of enhancements :), but generally to increase reliability and safety. These are not high performance bikes, they just get the job done.


I am also trying the word wrap with putting photos in.... It does not seem to be formating all that well... Sorry about that...

Feel free to ask any questions you would like, who knows... I might even answer it :)

Now you all know who Vanessa is.... Some day I may share Racheal, Stephaine, Nicole, Elsie, Mandy and the rest of the girls...

Ok, I have to start packing.... Bye for now.


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