Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Photo upload

Riding the V-Strom
Ok this is a test to see how easy/challenging it is to upload a photo to the blog... bear with me!!

This photo is of me riding while down in Waterton National Park in July of this year. I was participating in the 2012 Run To The Hills, which is an annual event which brings Suzuki V-Strom riders together to share stories, experiences and most importantly ride together.

This is the second event that I have participated in, they have been great. Met lots of people, made some new friends and generally had a wonderful time.

People have asked me about why I am standing up riding the motorcycle, fair question..

It helps the handling of the bike on gravel, it seems to be more "planted" rather than feeling like you are riding on marbles. It also looks cool :)


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