Sunday, August 19, 2012

A few maintenance items...

So, as we get closer to departure day I have a few maintenance items to take care of. This would include an oil change, rear wheel removal so I can get a new rear tire installed tomorrow and a couple of bolts and screws tightened (some would say, a few in my head as well!!).

All went well, though it was 30C out there today on the driveway, wouldn't it be nice to have a nice big shop... (another long story...)

Some personal thoughts..

Ok, I put this out there, with a little apprehension, and nobody comments.... I have included a "Stalker List" for those who are following me, please do... otherwise it sort of feels like I am talking to myself. Which of course I do!! alot!!

As departure day gets closer, I am picking up small items that I think I might need along the way, but at the same time it sort of feels like it's a long way off, I mean months. But the reality is Thursday morning I am packed, loaded and on the road. Which I am hoping is going to feel really good. This has taken alot of planning, preperation and not to mention a bit of cash. So, it will feel good.... I am sure.

I just read the first paragraph again... I should explain something.... We means Vanessa and I.... no I am not cheating on Marilyn, Vanessa is the name of this motorcycle. She and I are going to have a great trip together.

So, please become a stalker... let me know your out there!

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  1. Hi Carl - I'm in here - you're not talking to yourself. have fun and ride safe. Look forward to following your adventures vicariously,

    Cheers, David aka Desmodab aka ex-Snowstrom