Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 2 Riding with Don!

Well Vanessa decided she needed some "me" time. This involved replacing the drive chain, which before you say it, was replaced 1000km before I left and now had roughly 2200km on it. A drive chain should last 10-20,000 km.... So we went by the motorcycle spa and booked her in for a new drive chain ($198.00 installed, thank you). So while there the mechanic (Vanessa called him Sven) raised a concern about the ticking sound in the engine (egads!!) Sven thought it might be the cam chain adjuster... none available from Suzuki for 2 weeks... well that made the decision as to what to do... we carry on.

Carl & Vanessa!!
So the brother in law and I started and rode south to Kelowna, then highway 33 down to Rock Creek, then to the border crossing at Midway.

We rode on highway 21 down to Republic, for fuel and food. we continued south on highway 21 down to Wilbur. To quote Don.. "it like it was our own private road" lots of corners followed a river the whole way down, until we started to find ourselves along a lake (turns out the Grande Coulee Resvior). Then we took a ferry across the lake... then the ride out of of the valley... Again to quote Don... "that was freakin epic"

We then rode the prairie to Airway Heights, just outside of Spokane. Grabbed a hotel room and hit the casino and buffet!



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