Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One more sleep!!

Well it has arrived, the night before I set off on this ride. I'm packed (finally) and ready (I think). I have tried to keep the gear to a minimum, because I'll be riding most of the time...

Thought alot today about some the things in life we take for granted, for example, our pets, I came home today, they were happy to see me, they followed me around the house while I packed. Every time I looked at them, they just were happy looking at me. I tried to explain to them that yes I was leaving on a trip, but that I would be back... they just looked at me... we sometimes take that unconditional love for granted. I will miss them all.

I am also going to miss the lovely Marilyn, this will be the longest period of time that we will have been apart since the day we met (about 23 years ago!!). Sure there is technology that we can use to chat, etc... but sometimes it's just being together....

Enough of the sappy stuff, this is a motorcycle ride, man up!!

Vanessa is ready, she's chomping at the bit and wants to run. We'll stretch those legs tomorrow. The forecast is for rain (of course) but the weather man has been wrong pretty much every day. Lets hope he is wrong for one more day.

I have to remind myself to take photo's, lots of photo's. Often when I am traveling it's about the destination and not so much about the trip. Many of the ride reports that I read and enjoy are full of photo's take along the way... So I will remember... take photo's.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support, this is going to be one great adventure.

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