Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day Six - Utah, Arizona and New Mexico oh my!!!

Good Morning everyone, this morning I find myself setup in a campsite just outside of Datil, New Mexico.

The day started in Blanding, Utah. Got up after a very restful sleep and showered, etc. Packed most of the bags out to Vanessa whom had been making some friends in the parking lot an Italian (Ducati) and a German (BMW). After getting most of the bags on I went for the free breakfast.. Whats this? no waffles, we are out of here (with a couple of apples).

Part way down the road (10 miles) I stopped for fuel, I noticed that one of the internal zippers in my tankbag was open. crap!! I had forgotten my iPhone/iPad charger in the room. So we back tracked to the hotel and retrieved the wayward charger.

Self Portrait
Off again. Met Jim on the road, waved and continued on. I rode south on Route 191, it was a very rough road, that seemed to connect a lot of first nations land together. And it was getting hot in the desert. I swear I've been sweating from places I did not even know could sweat. (how's that for an image!!)

I stopped is some small community, heading the words of the lovely Marilyn "stay hydrated" bought a cool water and sat down on the bench with all of the local men, who it appeared were solving lifes problems... we are all the same... Chatted with the "old boys" for a few minutes and then got on my way again.

At this point I am running parallel to the Arizona/New Mexico border (north/south) I can see that the rock formations are off to my left (New Mexico) and desert off to my right.... well it's cooler in the hills than in the basin... Left turn Vanessa.

This worked out well, I found a fuel stop that had a Burger King inside... fuel was good, Burger King, not so much. A gentleman approched me in the parking lot, a big man.. asking the usual questions, and then said he had a bike as well, and he wanted to do a trip like this. I am surprised how many times I hear that. Just do it... (to quote a popular shoe manufacturer). He also told me that I would be driving through one of the most beautiful spruce tree forests in all of New Mexico. Excellent!! this is why I try to avoid the interstates...

Well I have to say, it was pretty, but not on the top ten for this trip. I was shooting for a highly recommended town called Pie Town, I am not kidding you, guess what they are famous for?... yup..Pie!!! So the anticipation of this wonderful pie had me, I was spending longer in the seat, puttting up with the discomfort, just a few more miles I told myself (Lola the GPS told me I would be getting there at about 5:20 pm... Excellent we can call it supper and pie!!

For Marilyn :)
Ok, Pie Town is listed on the map, I think it's someone's idea of a joke, there are 2 stores on the side of the road, they both sell pies, that's all there is there.... and the were both CLOSED... frickin hell.... grumble, grumble...

The plan was to eat pie and then find a camping spot. I traveled to the next town Datil, New Mexico found the only gas station/restaurant. Got fuel, had a great green chilie cheese burger and guess what... Cherry Pie!! it was great. The waitress recommended a campground about a mile down the road. Except for the campground host's I was the only paying customer. Lots of birds, bunnies and catepillars. It was quiet. Infact while typing this, I just had a visit from a hummingbird, it hovered about 3 feet from me checking me out.. pretty cool.

some long roads
Ok, the plan for today is to get to El Paso, which according to Lola and the locals will take me about 5 hours, I will be spending most of that on the interstate, oh well. But I have a bit of a side trip... *smirk*

It turns out that I am about 15 minutes drive away from the Very Large Array (large field of radio telescopes) if you have seen the movie Contact with Jodie Foster... yup that's it. I need to pick up something for the Lovely Marilyn.

So that's the plan... should be in my prebooked hotel room by 4 pm this afternoon.

Thanks for reading, I promise photo's soon..


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