Friday, September 7, 2012

The long way home

I had decided the night before that this would be a bit later of a start based on the temperature through the mountains. So I got underway at about 0930 hrs and settled in to be cold all morning, I was actually fairly warm, except for my hands. I had to stop every 40-60km as I could not stand the pain beyond that. I need to invest in some good waterproof, heated gloves. Really I do.

I made my way through the mountains and was surprised at how poor the quality of the Trans-Canada has become, infact there were several sections that were very dangerous for motorcycles. I made it to Lake Louise and then onto Highway 93, otherwise known as the Banff/Jasper.

I was struggling with the cold, and sssssstarted thinking about my plan, the plan to get home... I thought about 2 options, 1 ride up to Jasper and then on to Grande Prairie (7 hours) or ride to Rocky Mountain House and spend the evening there (3 hours). I said to myself, lets decide at the Saskatchewan River Crossing where I planned on having lunch.

I reached the crossing with a couple of "warm up breaks" along the way, they were actually good for me, besides warming up, I got to look around at the sheer beauty around me... that's not a bad thing. I walked in to the crossing complex which I swear has not changed in over 30 years, got in line for the cafeteria and ordered a "Bubba" hot dog and fries and diet coke. Sure she says, that will be $21.49. No I said there must be some mistake, a hot dog, small fries and diet coke... Nope that's right she says... This better be the best Hot Dog I have ever had.

And it was, it was awesome, highly recommended despite the cost.

So at this point I went outside, the sun was out and I thought, I am not in a rush, there was a nice patch of grass in front of where I parked Vanessa, so I thought I would stop and enjoy the scenery and the sunshine. sat there for about 45 min. It was great.

I decided to head for Rocky, it was my brothers birthday, the lovely Marilyn is working nights so, I may as well see my Mom, Brother and his family, and some good friends in Rocky.

A very uneventful ride to Rocky, done it many times, nothing new.

Saw the friends, told some stories, caught up with my brother, and went out for Birthday supper with the family. It was a great end to the day.

Marilyn will be sleeping for most of the day tomorrow, I will ride up to Grande Prairie, be there about the time she will be getting up and spend some quality time with her. I am looking forward to that. This has been the longest period of time that we have been apart since we got married... I miss her...


I have some photos for the past couple of days that I will upload tomorrow... No internet at Mom's cabin...

Almost home.......

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