Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rally Day#2

Up at 0600, to pack and partake of the "included continental breakfast".. It was very cold packing Vanessa, in fact my hands were freezing. I had already pulled out the heavy riding jacket and liner, sweat pants underneath the riding pants.... but I did not pack any cold weather gloves... I do have heated grips..

According to the Hotel Hostess it was 40F which would be about 5C... Brrrrrrrrr

Off and running, I did not take the suggested route through Aspen, based on some recommendations about traffic and the long weekend. So I found myself almost alone on Highway 24 up to Avon, Colorado. It was great,, freakin cold and I mean cold. Had to stop several times to try and warm my fingers up. Lesson learned... always take warm gloves.

This detour mean that I got to ride part of the interstate, which has to be one of the coolest interstates I have ever been on. Two tiered and one of the longest tunnels I have driven through. Really cool.

When I turned North, I found a small gas station and went in, I said been lots of bikes through today? She said, well some late yesterday, and a bunch early this morning, but none for quite awhile.... oh no I thought... how far behind am I?

So I pick up the pace, ask Vanessa nicely to stretch her legs a bit and make some miles.

I caught up with a guy I had met (Mark riding a BMW GS1200R) while in El Paso, he had stopped to take some photo's and I stopped to check the map... we started to ride together until the check point.

Caught some rain about 15 min prior to the check point, and not just the light sprinkle we always hope for, but full fledged, get everything wet kind of rain... I think I got parts of me wet that don't ever get wet in the tub.... just kidding.

Made it to the check point by about 3:30 pm, pretty happy with that... I checked the list of checked in riders and it looks as though I am mid pack... again, pretty happy with that.

I grabbed a burger, I had not eaten since breakfast... it tasted pretty good, or maybe it was because I was hungary... :)

I looked at my watch, 4:40pm I am beat, but there is still daylight and it looks as though the rain clouds are blowing to the east... maybe... sure lets try it.. about 80 miles to the next town.

I was literally riding between the rain clouds, I could see them ahead of me and by the time I got to that area they had blown further east. Great luck...

When I reached Big Piney, WY I decided not to push my luck any further... got a room at the Big Piney Motel and met up with 5 other TFC riders, we shot the shit and then I joined them for supper. Cool bunch of retired guys... If this is what retirement looks like... I need to retire soon...

Some photos...

Vanessa looking good at the look out..


Tomorrow... Wisdom, MT for check point #3


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