Friday, September 7, 2012

Final Chapter...

Today i woke up thinking I was already home, but was infact at my mother's cabin, which I guess is sort of home.. there was fog over the lake, quite beautiful infact, but that meant it was cool, mom said it was 4C brrrrrrrr.

i started getting packed and ready to leave, and pulled away from the cabin at 0930 hrs. It was cool, but not finger freezing cold like yesterday. Today was just about making the miles (kilometers) home. Rocky, Drayton Valley, Mayerthorpe, Whitecourt, Fox Creek, Valleyview and finally Grande Prairie... should be there by 3:30 PM

I stopped in Drayton for a Tim's steeped tea and a bagel, first Tim's in 15 days... I almost kicked the addiction :) met a group of riders on there way to Golden. They could tell that I was homeward, it must be the look on my face, or the fact that I look worn out... They wished me well and we left Tims.

Fuel in Drayton, and Fox Creek and I was infact home by 3:30 PM, even got to wake the lovely Marilyn up (remember she worked nights last night). I had a quick shower and then a bit of a nap. Told her some of the adventures from the trip and shared a couple of videos... We enjoyed a supper out together and now I am putting the finishing touches on the blog.

Were do I start?

Thank you to the lovely Marilyn who has supported me throughout this endevour.

Thank you to my Mother who for some reason agreed to let me do this when I was 17. What were you thinking?

Thank you to Doug for guiding me through the first Three Flags Classic 30 years ago and then meeting me at the finish line in Nelson for this one, that really ment alot to me...

Thank You to Don Brew who joined me to ride into the United States, and then taking my "support may be needed" call from Nelson. Your a great brother-in-law.

Thank You to the organizers of the Three Flags Classic... great job, excellent route selection, and thanks for the recognition that you gave me.

Thank you to Jim from Kansas, who pointed me through Utah.

Thank you to Bill and Bob, fellow Canadians who got me out of El Paso and I am happy to say Bill got a tire and finished the TFC...

Thank you to the guys I call the Harley Family, they stayed in the same hotel in El Paso, I rode with them a few times during the Rally, they were always cool and easy to chat with.

Thank you to Mark from Houston, I was a pleasure to ride with you through bits of the Rally, and thanks for all the help in Nelson when Vanessa was demanding more attention.

I know there are others, but i have probably lots most of you readers by now....

Most of all, Thank you to the stalkers... the words of encouragement and emails have been great. I was happy to provide some entertainment in your day.....

A couple of fast facts:

  • Vanessa and I travelled over 10,000 km round trip
  • I was gone for 15 days, riding for 13.
  • I rode through 2 provinces and 11 states.
  • I have a zip lock baggie full of fuel reciepts that I cannot bear to total up
  • I rode the only Suzuki motorcycle (out of 225 riders)
  • McDonalds restaurants have vastly different menus in the lower US (love the green chilie cheese burger)
  • I did not take enough photos....
Well, to quote Bugs Bunny..... That's all folks....

Me and Vanessa at the finish
Bikes at the finish
Highway 93

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